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brass wire edm machineV400G

brass wire edm machineV400G - ShangHai Esuntek Machinery Co., Ltd.
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  • V400G

Product Description

Design of high rigid castings, design machine body by finite element analysis.

With the best support (RIB) design to carry the column, reduce the casting should

The deformation caused by force is the basic element of high precision.

• Water cooling under the arm can avoid heat discharge 

caused by thermal expansion,Therefore, the cutting precision is improved

• Stainless steel working table with a hardness of HRC50.

• The sensitive AC servo motor servo system provides the precision of cutting.

• Increase the span design of the platform base to improve the mechanical precision.

• The sturdy U/V shaft castings provide a stable cutting precision.

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      Standard Accessories

     Special Selection Accessories

  •  Ion exchange resin bucket

  • Filter paper net

  • Diamond eye film

  • Upper and lower jet nozzle

  • Power supply plate

  • Cut copper wire

  • Clamping fixture

  • Electric plate control

  • Electric plate control

  • Hold-all

  • X.y axis optical digital ruler

  • Automatic wire feeding system

  • 15KVA regulator

  • Transformer

  • Message sending software (SMS)

  • Remote monitoring software

  • Super mirror processing power supply

  • Differential processing

  • Large wire feeder L - 50A

  • W axis

  • Wide angle sprinkler cover

Data Download

Data Download


Products Classification

Wire EDM(Molybdenum)
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