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frequently asked questions

  • What is the cutting efficiency of machine?

    For the first pass the cutting efficiency will be 6000 mm2/hr and the second and third pass will be 10,000 mm2/hr.
  • What is the standard taper angle?

    The standard of taper angle is ± 3°/80mm.
  • What is the maximum cutting thickness?

  • Does the machine submerge in the water?

    No. The Wire EDM with molybdenum spray water to the cutting material.

  • For the molybdenum wire, how long it can use for?

    It can use for about a month.

  • How often does the guide wheel that need to be replaced?

    About 3-6 months.

  • How about does the wire guide that need to be replaced?

    About 3-6 months.

  • What’s the delivery time?

    It will take 10-45 days to pass the Shanghai Port Customs, and it will take shorter if you ordered the standard model. It will take longer if you add additional accessories.

  • Why choose us?

    1. Esuntek designs C-shaped structure and T-shaped base in order to build more stable and reliable machine, and our mechanical precision is higher than others, plus the screw rod and guide rail will last longer.
    2. All the castings are built with Mihanna 250 Resin sand castings, and castings will produce twice in order to enhance the toughness and rigidity.
    3. Our CNC (computer numerical control) system is AutoCut, which you can design cuttings directly in the machine operation interface, efficient and simple-operated.
    4. We use IPC (industrial personal computer) for the reasons of reliability and strong anti-interface ability.
    5. All the accessories are high-quality as the result of low failure rate.
    6. Superfine finish capabilities and it’s stable.

Wire EDM(Molybdenum)
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