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Esuntek EFH43B Wire EDM Machine

>Extra Wide "T" Type machine Base
>"C" Type Frame Stucture
>Branded THK Linear Guide Rail
>Double Directions Intelligent Auto Wire Tension Device
>Win XP / AutoCut / Esuntek control system
>Industrial PC supports USB & LAN
>Large Capacity Database
>Wire Winding Drum stability system
>High Precision Diamond Wire Guider
>High Precision DRO
>180L Extra-Large Capacity Water Tank
>2 working pumps & 4 Layers Filters
>Automatic Central Lubrication System
>1-Year Warranty / Lifetime Maintenance
>Reliable & Efficient after-sales service
>Included all necessary accessories and tools
>Long terms favorable price support of consumable & spare parts
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  • EFH43B

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Product Description

EFH43B Wire EDM  Esuntek Wire EDM    Wire EDM workpiece

Technical Parameters

Travel X-Y-Z (mm)
    Curso do eixo  X/Y/Z
400x350x250 500x400x250 600x500x250
Worktable Size (mm)
    Tamanho da mesa X/Y
660x505 780x555 880x680
Max Workpiece Size (mm)
    Tamanho máximo da peça de trabalho
760x560 880x610 980x720
Max Workpiece Weight
    Peso máximo da peça
500kg 700kg 900kg
Machine Size (mm)
    Dimensões da máquina







Weight (kg)
    Peso total da máquina
2100 2600 3000
Input Power (KVA)
    Potência total instalada
<3.0 <3.5 <3.5

Technical Parameters
Best Processing Accuracy
    Precisão de corte
Best Surface Roughness (Ra)
    Melhor rugosidade superficial (Ra)
<=0.8μm (3 Passes   /Cr12/ H30)
Cutting Speed
    Velocidade de corte
0-200 mm²/min
Max Cutting Thickness (mm)
    Altura máxima da peça
300   (Optional 400)
    300 (opcional 400)
Max Cutting Taper
    Ângulo máximo de corte
     (opcional 15°,30°,45°)
Electrode Wire
    Eletroerosão por corte a fio
X/Y Axis Motor
    Motor X/Y
Stepper   Motor
motor de passo
Z Axis Drive
    Acionamento do eixo Z
    Voltagem da máquina
Working Fluid
    Fluido de Trabalho
Flushing   Type
    Tipo de descarga
Lubrication system
    Sistema de lubrificação
Central   Automatic
    Central Automática
3   Layer  /0.01mm
    3 camadas / /0.01mm
Water Tank
    tanque de água
144L  / 1 Pumps
    144L / 1 bombas

Esuntek Wire EDM - Steper MotorM&aacute;quinas de Eletroeros&atilde;o Corte a Fio

5 Molybdenum Wire EDM


> Extra Wide "T" Type machine Base

>  "C" Type Frame Stucture

> Branded THK Linear Guide Rail

> Double Directions Intelligent Auto Wire Tension Device

> Win XP / AutoCut / Esuntek control system

> Industrial PC supports USB & LAN

> Large Capacity Database

> Wire Winding Drum stability system

> High Precision Diamond Wire Guider

> High Precision DRO

> 180L Extra-Large Capacity Water Tank

> 2 working pumps & 4 Layers Filters

> Automatic Central Lubrication System

> 1-Year Warranty / Lifetime Maintenance

> Free Training (in Esuntek plant)

> Reliable & Efficient after-sales service

> Included all necessary accessories and tools

> Long terms favorable price support of consumable & spare parts

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Electrical discharge machining, or EDM, is a non-contact process that can machine parts regardless of their hardness. It involves placing an electrode or wire and an electrically conductive workpiece into a circulating dielectric fluid. The fluid acts as an insulator until a specific spark gap and voltage ionizes it and enables a spark to travel to the workpiece. This spark has a temperature between 14,430 and 21,630° F (8,000 - 12,000° C), high enough to erode part of the workpiece. Using a CNC, the operator moves the electrode or wire as needed and rapidly turns the current on and off. This accommodates the flushing of molten material (often called “swarf”) from the workpiece. The relationship between on-time and off-time is called the EDM process’ “duty cycle.”

There are two main variations on the EDM process: sinker (also called “ram” or “vertical”) EDM and wire EDM. Each uses different materials and is suited to different final applications. 

What is Wire EDM?

Wire EDM feeds a strand of wire from a supply spool to the workpiece via a wire drive system. The wire is energized by electrical contacts and passes through the workpiece at a specific velocity determined by the operation at hand. A stream or bath of deionized water surrounds the wire, and sparks are continuously emitted along the length of the wire. Rollers pinch the wire and provide tension, while guides above and below the workpiece position the wire on its path — helping it to achieve complex shapes on the workpiece.

The wires used in this process commonly have diameters of 0.010 to 0.012 inch, with finer wires at 0.001 to 0.004 inch. The material of the wires also holds great influence over the operation’s success, as hard wires that have insufficient tensile strength for an operation are liable to break under sudden shock. Softer wires prove more desirable for high-taper cutting operations.

Wire EDM uses a small-diameter wire that emits sparks to machine complex paths. The material of the wire determines its tensile strength and conductivity properties.

Combinations of copper, zinc and brass in different core and coating arrangements make up a large variety of wire types used in wire EDM, but there are additional types that work well for particular applications. In particular, molybdenum is good for cutting intricate workpieces with small internal radii (but its cost and poor flushability limit its overall use); steel-clad wire that uses a steel core, coating of copper and final coating of brass is good for extreme cutting operations like machining tall workpieces or parts with extreme flushing limitations; and diffusion-annealed wires are suitable for precision and high-speed cutting (but show limited suitability for automatic threading). Silver-coated brass wires are particularly well-known for their price-to-performance value, and improve the transfer of electrical energy from carbide power contacts to the wire.


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Wire EDM(Molybdenum)
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